Quarter-Long Workshops

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Fall: Financial Modeling & Excel

Cal Poly FinTech’s “Financial Modeling & Excel” 7-week long workshop is designed to give Cal Poly students a leading edge in the financial services industry by equipping them with the technical skills used in many entry level finance positions. The workshop entails weekly sessions where students are taught various Excel skills and shortcuts commonly used in finance positions. The workshop begins with a brief review of basic accounting practices and principles, before moving into the modeling component. The body of the workshop provides a thorough rundown of Excel functions and shortcuts, and culminates with the creation of a basic three-statement financial model. 

Applications due Oct. 6th at 11:59 am.

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Winter: Introduction to Python for finance (Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics)

Cal Poly FinTech’s “Introduction to Python for Finance” 8-week long workshop allows students with minimal coding background to learn Python and perform financial calculations and portfolio optimization tasks. The first part of the workshop was made for beginners and people who need to touch up on their skills in Python. In the second part of the workshop, you will learn the real world programming skills that employers are looking for in Finance. Using Python, you will calculate risk and return of investment portfolios, use univariate and multivariate regression analysis, compare securities in terms of their Sharpe ratio, learn how to price options by applying the Black Scholes formula, work with scientific packages (like NumPy), plot graphs with Matplotlib, understand the Capital Asset Pricing Model, and perform Monte Carlo simulations.

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Spring: Fintech fundamentals

In Cal Poly FinTech’s “FinTech Fundamentals” 8-week long workshop, students will learn about the disruptive technologies that have started an unprecedented transformation of the financial services industry around the world. This workshop was created to explore the basics of financial technology (FinTech) and to help students have a better understanding of these new technologies as they happen. This workshop will go into a variety of major areas of FinTech including: What is FinTech, Technologies in Money & Payment, Alternative Finance and Digital Finance, RegTech, Data Privacy and Security, Blockchain, AI and Big Data.