Job Interview Tips

  • Make sure to always be prepared. Do your research about the companies that you are interested in and have several good questions for their hiring manager interviewing you.

  • Utilize LinkedIn to get to know the hiring manager if you can. This way you can connect on similar interests and make yourself stand out.

    • Seriously, it sounds weird or stalkerish, but trust me, do some research, find out he/she really loves the Red Sox or fishing or nascar through their Facebook or LinkedIn and maybe you can make a friendly/off the cuff comment about how you two relate in some way, it is what will set you above others.

  • Remember that, all of the fluffy questions, forums, and other type of questions are really just trying to answer these three major things.

    • 1) Very basic: Can he/she get along with my current workforce?

    • 2) Will he/she last long term (is the position challenging enough/ a good enough match to keep them interested)

    • 3) CAN this person actually DO this job?

  • Do not be afraid to say "I don't know", " I am not sure", or "At the moment I am drawing a blank, could you repeat the question?"

    • Saying the wrong answer or just blurting out anything because you don't know the answer will be bad. Don't answer the question if you will just ramble for 5 minutes and not answer the question anyway. You are not going to fool anybody aside from yourself by doing this.

    • "I am not sure sir, I would be happy to learn" or if you simply don't fully understand the question... " Can you please repeat the question?"

    • No hiring manager is going to knock you for asking to repeat or saying you don't know, it takes courage to admit you don't have an answer, unless it is for every question.... then you are in trouble...

  • Good posture and eye contact are very important.

  • If it is a phone interview, walk. Stand up and walk around because we all think more clearly if we are on our feet. Take deep pauses before you answer, reduce the use of "like" or "uhmmm" or "uhhh." Basically, try and sound professional and calm.

  • If it is a skype interview, make sure to set up in a quiet place with a professional looking background. Make sure beforehand that the microphone and audio work.

  • Do not talk too much about your previous employer, unless they ask, and NEVER badmouth them. Please watch what you say about previous management and work environments, even if you mean well.No boss wants an employee who complains. Just be smart about how you discuss your reasons for being in their office and leaving your current/previous employer.

  • If they ask you a question with a specific answer, don't tell them a 20-minute story that rambles off topic, please research basic interview questions and have some pocket answers, clear and to the point (no stories unless they ask for one).

  • Google the company, learn their motto or message, get to know what they do and come up with some good questions:

    • "I was on your website researching your company and I found _______ interesting, can you tell me ______?"

    • “If I were to step into this role tomorrow, what would be my first priority?”

    • “What improvements do you want the new hire to bring to the role?”

    • “Do you like working here?”

    • “Do you think I'd be a good fit for this role?”

Job Interview Cheat Sheet

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