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How can I get involved in Cal Poly FinTech as a student?

Our club welcomes students of all backgrounds to come and explore what Cal Poly FinTech has to offer. You can visit our Events page to see upcoming meetings, case competitions, hackathons, company info-sessions, networking events and more. You can also visit the Join page to subscribe to our newsletter!

What is FinTech?

FinTech, which is short for Financial Technology, is a revolutionary area of finance that is merging technology with finance to create a more efficient way to deliver financial services. The influence of FinTech is being felt in industries such as banking, blockchain, cybersecurity, financial advising, and insurance to name a few.

What is Financial Analytics?

Financial analytics is the process of collecting, visualizing, monitoring, analyzing, and predicting data in the financial sector with the goal to evaluate the financial performance of a department or company in order to make better financial decisions. 

How can joining Cal Poly FinTech benefit me?

Our club’s mission is to prepare students for careers in FinTech through education, networking, and career opportunities. We have students from all Cal Poly majors, but primarily students are from business, computer science, software engineering, and math. Members can participate in events like company sponsored case competitions, FinTech hackathons, and company information/networking sessions. Through a combination of recruiting connections with our sponsors and experiences like those mentioned above, joining Cal Poly FinTech can equip students with the tools necessary to propel themselves into the industry. We focus on technologies such as: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, cloud computing, big data, and data analytics.

How can businesses connect with Cal Poly FinTech?

We greatly appreciate the support our corporate sponsors provide to our club members. Whether it be interested in hosting an info-session, facilitating a sponsorship, or coming to guest speak at a meeting, please don’t hesitate to visit the Sponsors page and leave a message. Our Director of Corporate Relations will return your inquiry within 24 hours!

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